gold #1

Taro entered the ball room. Everyone was swinging to the enchanting music and so no one noticed him there. He grabbed a drink from a waiter passing by and his eyes met with Ken, who smiled. His brother kept on dancing with his partner although Taro could notice he was waiting to get out of her arms. Her dress was too loud, too bouncy. She was grabbing him with such strength that Ken was almost carrying her around instead of dancing. He barely faced her as he was scanning everyone in that ballroom, gathering information no one else could with just his eyes. 
The song was over. Ken bowed in respect and left her side. The girl didn't manage to get any words out of her mouth before he became unreachable. 
- So, is everything ready? 
Taro nodded.
The music started playing again. Some of the ones who were dancing decided to leave this one out. Others who didn't get the chance earlier jumped right in formation. Taro had a glimpse of the empty throne when everyone stepped aside. 
- It shouldn't be long, now - said Ken, who grabbed himself a glass of champagne.
As soon as he said that, the doors behind him opened. People who were dancing stopped but the music kept playing, slightly changing to suit the Queen's entrance. 
Taro noticed the smell first, a mix between flowers, citrus and something else he didn't really want to pronounce. Then her gown, white with red and gold details that circled her from the bottom to top. Her hair, black as night, was gently pulled back, some strands braided, to fall until a gold ornament catched it to fall again and get caught, until it became loose again. Her hands were hidden by her long and bell sleeves. Her eyes were traced by red and her lips colored with blood. The Queen's fair skin had a pink glow, as if she was just outside picking flowers although it's night. In her hair she wore the nation's emblem. 
Behind her came her brother, the prince. Tall and handsome, wearing blue and white with gold and red details on his gown. 
The ladies in the ballroom looked at Naoko with admiration and with jealousy. But at the prince, they looked with loving and desperate eyes. The men didn't dare look away from the Queen. 
Naoko slightly turned her head to Taro and Ken and gave them a subtle bow. Now, the guests had finally realised his presence and looked quite embarred and shocked for not noticing him before. 
- You're gonna have your plate full the rest of the night, brother - said Ken. 
- What a delight - he sipped on his drink.
The Queen and her brother made their way onto their thrones and Naoko allowed everyone to dance. They did as the Queen said and some prince from the warm lands tried to invite her to dance, which she denied. Naoto didn't look bored, but didn't look amused. He had his straight face on, which made people be carefull with the way they approached him. 
After some glances, Taro finally decided to go the Queen. 
- Everything is ready - he said. 
- Good. What about..
- He's on the field, just as you asked. He said he wants a week off. 
Naoko hid her giggle with her hand. 
- Did he? 
Ken showed up with a drink in his hand. 
- Your Majesty. 
- Thank you, Ken - she thanked him and sipped on the red drink. - Well, I'll talk to him when he gets back. Good job, boys. Now go and enjoy the ball. That girl over there in green is looking at you funny, Ken. 
- Funny definetly isn't the right word, sister - he noted. - The prince that asked you earlier looks way better than that green mess. 
- I thought so too, but when he opened his mouth I quickly changed my mind. 

Kit aimed his arrow to a tree. Some birds flew to somewhere safer. Rushed footsteps informed him to where to go. A group of five followed his lead through the white forest. Quietly they moved and Kit could hear every sound perfectly. He was so close. He let out a silent sigh before grabbing a new arrow. The men behind him followed as he did. They kept walking without being seen or heard, finally reaching where their prey was. He turned around and gave directions to his team. Kit stepped forward and saw a frozen lake. His target was standing in the middle of it. Even if he didn't kill him, he would freeze to death. He smirked while imagining Naoko's angry face if he said he left the boy to freeze to death.
The Queen's knight grabbed another arrow. He saw his men in place and told them to stand by. Kit placed his arrow in the bow. His grip was steady and strong. He took a deep breath through his black mask. The man standing in the middle of the lake turned around and saw him, as well as the arrow, right before he collapsed. Kit had been kind, as he figured he was still young, and shot him right in the head. His men stood up and two of them collected the body. 
- Let's go - he said. - Quickly! 

- Is Kit back yet? - Naoko asked to one of her ladies. 
- I'll go check, Your Majesty - one of them answered. 
Naoko got out of her ball gown and was now undoing her hair. 
- He just arrived, Your Majesty - she was informed. 
- Give me a robe. 
The Queen quickly got dressed in a red robe she tied herself, walking out of her room to where he was. A lady tried to follow her in a composed pace. When they arrived, Naoko didn't knock. Some of the men there became shy at the Queen's presence.
- Kit? - she called.
Kit turned his head around and saw Naoko standing at the door with rose colored cheeks.
- You should've knocked - he said, hearing the guys behind him quickly changing into their normal clothing.
- Did it go okay?
Kit put on a white tank top and went to the Queen.
- Yes, it did - Naoko let out a sigh of relief. - What was that? Did you not expect me to finish the job?
- Of course not - she assured him. - I just dont like loose ends.
They looked into each others eyes' for a few moments with a blank expression on their faces. Both of them analized each other, looking for something to make this meeting longer.
- I see you're not hurt - Naoko noticed. - Are you hungry? - she asked.
Kit nodded. - Hum.
- I prepared something for you and the others - Naoko scanned him one last time before looking at his green eyes. - I have to go now.
The Queen took one step back and turned around.
- What about my one week?
- I'll give it to you - she faced him with a subtle smile. - But it only starts two days from now. Is that okay?
- What do you need me for?
- Nothing important - Naoko assured him. - Just rest, now. Good job, boys - she said to the group behind Kit.
They smiled and bowed, all dressed now.
Kit remained in the same spot, watching the Queen's silhouette disappear. 


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